Android Mobile App for Budget Management

Description :

IO3 is a money management Android mobile application that will guide the user for reasonable budget management. It will have 2 user-types with different features:

1) virtual PERSONAL ASSISTANT for an ordinary user. The ordinary user enters the monthly incomes and then enters all the expenses made so Incomes, expenses and savings are three main parameters.

2) ENTREPRENEUR (new startupper) user: one who has a start-up company (just have new business as new entrepreneur). Depending on the sales, other incomes and of course expenses (rent, electricity, staff, raw material, social insurance institution premiums, personal expenses and etc) the app will direct the user to save some amount of money at that month and propose an investment portfolio as saving tools. The app can make simulations for real-type cases which occur typically in businesser like cut 25% of the personal expenses at that month, to discharge some staff, to reduce the product type, to increase advertisement budget and etc.

Tasks description :

The mobile app development will be done according to the following production phases:

1) initial analysis including actual demographics, motivations, behavior patterns and goals of the buyer persona;

2) wireframing to understand future functionalities (drawings, sketching, storyboard for the foreseen screens;

3) technical feasibility assessment (back-end system);

4) building the first protoype;

5) coding and user experience (UX) design

6) development phase

7) testing

8) deployment and formal launch of the app with feedback collection from users and incorporation of updates, new features.