MUNI prepared 2 Multiplier Events to reach the highest promotional impact of the project at local and national level. The first Event took place on May 23rd and the second one on May 25th, 2023.

The presentation event of the Financial Education Platform and Training Modules was successfully held on May 23 in Ostrava, Czech Republic and on May 25 in Brno, Czech Republic. The event brought together 16 and 21 participants from the education and finance sectors respectively. Throughout the day, presentations were made, ideas were shared and important contacts for the project were made.”

During the event, MUNI presented the Financial Literacy E-Learning Platform, training modules, and an Android mobile app for Budget management. The attendees had the opportunity to explore these resources and gain insights into improving their financial literacy. To ensure comprehensive information dissemination, we distributed project brochures and newsletters among the attendees. These materials contained detailed descriptions of our project partners, along with the results and outputs the project achieved.