Financial Literacy Training

Description :

The Financial Literacy Training with new teaching methods is a specifically designed training path to be built up on the basis of the adult schools’ needs. It will be a free, online training program installed on a Moodle platform (see IO2). The educational contents will be developed by the partners and it will provide essential information, knowledge and resources needed for adult learners and educational institution staff responsible for implementing Financial Literacy training. It will collect best practice and newly developed adult training methods and competence developments supplemented with financial literacy. An on-line, self-study program that allows a participant to work at his own pace, it will be hosted on a dedicated web environment through which, in remote mode, it is possible to follow the training course, consult documents, handouts, multimedia, external links and resources. For each section/module there will be a short quiz covering the material in that section.

OBJECTIVE: allow adult learners and educational institutions/schools all over Europe to become more “independent” in learning and building quality Financial Literacy programs, have access to an open-source model, follow the training paths created and enjoying also resources for building a successful learning environment. In fact, each partner organization will pay particular attention to the creation of fast-adaptive, user-friendly professional materials that can quickly provide the adult learners and teachers with quick knowledge of the changing world.

Tasks description :

1) Training needs assessment, learning principles, learning objectives, training materials (text + online) preliminary analysis of legal frameworks for training in adult schools.

2) Design of the training Modules:

– Preliminary analysis of adult teaching legal frameworks to identify at national level techniques and strategies of financial education across the country, the resources available to educate adults, understand adult financial education programs and how these schools implement effective pedagogical strategies in practice.

The online training course is designed to introduce basic laws, rules, and procedures relevant to teaching courses in the adult schools. Since the national Adult education systems may change, it is also designed to help the institutions with indications on how to design learning units and methodological indications for the delivery of the courses, based on local educational policy and requirements >> ALL partners contribute to this module in EN + partners will do translations in national language.

– Other Modules (finance and subject-related + innovative, new, adaptive teaching methods) will be prepared together with the partners, based on their specific expertise. During this phase, in collaboration with the technical partners which will give instruction on the format of the content of the Modules will be shaped, prepared, developed >> ALL partners contribute to this module in EN + partners will do translations in national language.

3) Transforming the training modules in e-learning format (non asynchronous) and uploading on the Moodle website with other training materials for each country.

4) Pilot phase of the e-learning by inviting Teachers, educators to test the Modules

5) Feedback collection, evaluation and dissemination of the final product to a larger audience possible.